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STRONGmovement is known for their vibrant, compelling, thought-provoking artists. It is not each individual dancer, but the entire group’s bond on stage that provides an avenue to which we can connect to each other and our communities.  Their unique storytelling technique emphasizes the many dance styles within their work and reminds us how important our community is. No work is the same, but each work has its unique meaning and purpose.

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Premiered in 2017, Super powers, super heroes, super natural? STRONGmovement finds strength in humanity. Shielding themselves while navigating inside their new fate, the characters in “6” reveal the next step in human evolution, where past/present/future can be manipulated, and each individual’s inner resilience bonds them to face the unknown as an interconnected force.

"Piece by Piece"

Premiered in 2014 “The night’s shining star was a work by Darrius Strong of (Strong Movement) entitled Piece by Piece…Strong charges through space summoning a collective spirit as he shows a community in breakdown” Walker Art Center

"Authentic Minds"

Premiered in 2018, Hip hop is about being original, it’s about empowering the individual as well as the community. In this story, STRONGmovement shows what can happen when you find the power in your voice. 

Pt. 1 “The Calm”

Pt. 1 “The Calm”

Pt. 3 “The System”

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